Absence Policy, Refund Policy, MLCA Tour & Games Guidelines

  • Parents are responsible for making payments on time. Delay in payment, after 5th day from due date will result in $50 penalty for each day the payment is delinquent.
  • No refund will be made for suspension, discontinuation, or absence without prior notification per absence policy.
  • Members of Major League Cricket Academy (MLCA) cannot hold dual membership with another cricket academy or leagues that are in direct/indirect conflict of interest with MLCA. It is member responsibility to seek written consent from Management on non-conflict dual membership.
  • Players will prioritize participation in MLCA games over games they may participate in as part of adult leagues or other youth leagues. Prior email approval from Management is required if any player wants to participate in games that MLCA is not playing. Members found violating this will be terminated from MLCA without ANY refund of fees.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate membership if members are found to be associated in any way with a conflicting academy or league without prior written approval from Management. In such case member deposits and fees will be forfeited and Management also reserves the right to pursue legal action in accordance with the non-solicitation clause.
  • During major holiday weekends such as Memorial Day (May 27), Independence Day (July 4) and Labor Day (September 2), coaching sessions may be rescheduled or cancelled depending on player availability. No refunds will be issued for cancelled sessions.
  • There will be no coaching sessions from Dec 23 to Jan 5 (Winter break)
  • Minimum 4 weeks advance notification to be sent to the Management
  • Credit will be issued ONLY for more than 4 weeks of continuous absence AND it is applicable only to Annual membership plans
    • For League: $20 per week, with a maximum limit of $160 (8 weeks)
    • For Academy: $35 per week, with a maximum limit of $280 (8 weeks)
  • Credit will be issued as follows:
  • Credit can only be used towards future registrations
  • MLCA will not issue refund of any fees paid except in the following instances:
    • Player is unable to continue participating in coaching sessions or games due to a medical condition. In this case, Management reserves the right to request supporting medical documentation from the player’s doctor
    • Player is unable to participate in coaching sessions or game for reasons of the player’s parent relocating outside the bay area for employment or other personal reasons. In such instances, Management reserves the right to request supporting documentation such as an employment offer letter, lease agreement at new location, etc.

That, during your membership with MLCA and for a period of (2) years subsequent to the termination of membership with MLCA, you would not without prior consent of MLCA, directly, indirectly or through any other party solicit, offer to, or assist others to solicit, coach, members, parents/guardians, sponsors, suppliers and any other associates/partners/clubs who are then or were during past 12 months, been associated with MLCA.

To treat all information concerning to MLCA including fee structure, coaching schedule, curriculum, rules, constitution and other policies as confidential to be used solely for the purpose of providing services on behalf of MLCA.


MLCA has my permission to take/use my or my child’s photograph publicly to promote the MLCA and all its related activities. I understand that the images/videos may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use. I hereby release and hold harmless MLCA from any reasonable expectation of privacy and confidentiality for myself and for the undersigned minor child/children. I attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child being registered and that I have the authority to authorize MLCA to use their photographs and names. I am aware and acknowledge that participation in publications and website produced by MLCA is purely voluntary and confers no rights of ownership whatsoever. I hereby release MLCA, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or the participation of the undersigned minor children.


I understand that it is a policy of the Major League Cricket Academy for all players to wear appropriate safety gear during coaching sessions and games, and play in a safe and fair manner. In allowing my child to play cricket, I support this policy and will instruct my child to play safely and fairly. I understand that MLCA will take all care possible; however I also understand that all players participate and train at their own risk. I (parent/guardian), hereby authorize MLCA representatives to obtain such medical attention or an ambulance as may be deemed necessary and I understand that I am responsible for all cost incurred. Furthermore, I authorize qualified practitioners to administer treatment as required and I understand that I am responsible for all cost incurred.


Any violation of below guidelines will result in player being dropped from tour or subsequent game and repeat violation will result in termination of membership.

  • Be role models for your child and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with children, other parents, with officials and organizers
  • Always behave responsibly and not seek to affect unfairly the game/player
  • Never intentionally expose any young participant to embarrassment or disparagement by the use of flippant or sarcastic remarks. Players should never be yelled at, lectured or ridiculed for making mistakes or losing a game by parents or coaches.
  • Always recognize the value and importance of the volunteers who provide sporting opportunities for your child. Do not question publicly the judgment or honesty of umpires, managers, selectors or coaches. Respect umpires, coaches, organizers and other players
  • Encourage the child to play by the rules. Teach the child that honest endeavor is as important as winning and encourage good sportsmanship
  • Do not criticize any child’s performance from the sidelines. Don't be a sideline coach giving instruction on how to play in a situation.
  • Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides. Encourage mutual respect for teammates and opponents
  • Ensure that the child is punctual for games reporting at least 60 minutes before start time.
  • Ensure that the child is properly attired for the weather conditions of the time. No one including parents/guardian & coaches should encourage players not wearing protective gears. It’s better to be safe than showing unnecessary bravery.
  • Having, as much proper rest and sleep as possible are essential factors in maximizing performance on the cricket field. Players sleep no later than 9 p.m. on the day prior to a game.
  • Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco products by anybody in the touring party (players and designated parent volunteers) or at games is prohibited.
  • All members on tour or at games are not allowed to make any negative comments about the event, players or opposition or strategy via any social media forum.
  • Cricket tours are for cricket and should not be treated as a vacation. Any planned activities for the touring party will be coordinated by MLCA. Players will not be allowed to participate in tourist activities with non-designated parents.